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March 5, 2021 — ARP graduate student members have elected two new representatives to the ARP board: Ted Schwaba (UC Davis) and Suri Serrano (University of Houston). They will work closely with Dr. Erica Baranski on exciting initiatives for postdoctoral scholars and graduate students. Please join us in congratulating Suri and Ted!


February 5, 2021 — The next ARP biennial conference will be held July 22-24, 2021 at the Hotel Orrington in Evanston, IL. Stay tuned for more information, and we hope to see you there!


苹果手机全局价理软件Today, the executive board of ARP joins with a number of publishers and scientific societies in support of a proposed policy that would mandate immediate open distribution of peer-reviewed journal articles that report results from research funded by the U.S. federal government. Current policy already requires the content from these articles to be made available for free on platforms such as Pubmed after a 12-month embargo period. The ARP executive committee strongly supports an expansion of current policy that would remove this embargo period. You can read ARP’s statement here, and the full letter here.


January 16, 2021 — This year, the 2nd Summer School of Personality Science (SSPS) will take place in Madrid (Spain) from July 5 to 13, right before the European Conference on Personality (ECP). The SSPS is a week-long summer school with approx. 12-16 graduate students (master’s and PhD level) and approx. 6-8 internationally renowned experts. It is broadly geared towards providing cutting-edge and specialized education as well as hands-on experience to young and budding personality psychologists from all over the world. The mini-curriculum, with different 1- to 2-hour course formats (e.g., keynotes, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, mentorings, luncheons), is designed to address a broad variety of current and important topics in personality science as well as provide student attendees with career advice and networking opportunities. General information on the SSPS can be found at, and specific information on the 2nd SSPS is available at ios全局价理软件. The application deadline for SSPS 2021 is February 5.

Brent Roberts wins the 2021 Block Award in Personality Psychology

October 7, 2021 — ARP President Brent Roberts has received the 2021 Jack Block Award for Distinguished Research in Personality, given by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. This senior career award recognizes Dr. Roberts’ research examining conscientiousness, lifespan personality development, and associations between personality traits and life outcomes, as well as his leadership in the movement to improve the reliability of psychological research. Congratulations, Brent!


October 3, 2021 — ARP member Veronica Benet-Martinez has received the 2021 Carol and Ed Diener Award in Personality Psychology. This mid-career award, given by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, recognizes Dr. Benet-Martinez’s research examining the interplay of culture and social-personality processes, particularly those pertaining to multicultural identity and experiences. Congratulations, Veronica!

Manon van Scheppingen wins the 2021 Tanaka Dissertation Award

September 24, 2021 — The Tanaka Dissertation Award Committee (composed of Susan South, Aaron Weidman, and Rick Robins) has identified Dr. Manon van Scheppingen as the recipient of the award for the best personality psychology dissertation from 2021. Personality psychologists theorize as to the important life events that can impact, and be impacted by, personality, but rarely have the available data to empirically test these assumptions. Through a rigorous series of studies, Van Scheppingen applied advanced statistical modeling to study the personality-relationship transactions in the context of parenting and romantic relationships. One of the main findings is that the transition to parenthood does not, as previously hypothesized, predict positive personality development. In fact, using longitudinal data from over 85,000 participants across multiple studies, parents’ showed either no change in personality traits or decreases in desirable traits, such as self-esteem and self-control. Congratulations to Manon and thank you to all of the 2021 Tanaka award nominees for the excellent work you are doing to further personality science!

Two Personality Preconferences at SPSP 2021

ios全局价理软件 — We are pleased to announce that the 2021 meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology will feature two personality-themed preconferences: the Lifespan Social-Personality (LSP) Preconference, sponsored by ARP, and the Personality Dynamics, Processes, and Functioning (PDPF) Preconference, sponsored by the European Association for Personality Psychology. Follow the links above for more information about each preconference, and we hope to see you in New Orleans next February.

New ARP President and Board Members Elected

July 3, 2021 — We are excited to announce that Rich Lucas has been elected as the next ARP President, and that Joanne Chung and Rodica Damian have been elected as Members-at-Large of the ARP Executive Board. Their terms will begin on January 1, 2021. Congratulations!

Full 2021 Conference Program Now Available

June 24, 2021 — The full version and short version of the 2021 ARP Conference program are now available. Those high in Conscientiousness can plan early, those high in Openness to Experience can imagine the possibilities, and those high in Extraversion can get excited. ARP 2021 is just days away, and we look forward to seeing you in Grand Rapids!


June 14, 2021 — Just in time for weekend reading, the June 2021 issue of P: The Online Newsletter for Personality Science is now available. This issue is packed with interviews and columns from recent ARP award winners. The new editors (Kathryn Bollich and John Rauthmann) have put together a fantastic issue. And it arrives just in time to serve as the opening act for the 2021 meeting in Grand Rapids. It is truly a good time of year to be a personality researcher. Enjoy!

Diversity Travel Award Winners Announced

苹果手机全局价理软件下载 We are excited to announce the five winners of 2021 ARP Diversity Travel Awards are Kira McCabe (Vanderbilt University), Scott Blain (University of Minnesota), Surizaday Serrano-Aguirre (University of Houston), Olivia Atherton (UC Davis), and Lily Assaad (Purdue University). Congratulations!

2021 Early Career Award Winner is Dr. Aidan Wright

iphone手机如何上外网We are happy to announce that Aidan Wright is the winner of the ARP Early Career Award for 2021. Dr. Wright is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. His work is wide-ranging, including the study of narcissism, interpersonal relationships, idiographic dynamics in the context of psychopathology, and the similarities in structure across personality traits and mental disorders. He has used multiple and innovative methods allowing close examination of personality processes in daily life, across different levels of analysis. His work draws on basic theory in personality, and uses that theory to compare models of psychopathology and functioning in context, in ways that have implications for both diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. We believe that his impressive contributions to theory and methodology in personality and clinical psychology will continue to reverberate in both subfields. Dr. Wright will be giving a talk at the 2021 ARP conference to celebrate this award. For more information, see the Early Career Award page.

2021 Emerging Scholar Award Winners Announced

December 13, 2021 — We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Emerging Scholar Award: Olivia Atherton, Courtland Hyatt, Ted Schwaba, and Manon van Scheppingen. They stand out as impressive young scholars who are representative of our discipline. We hope you will join us in celebrating them at the Emerging Scholar Award symposium at the 2021 ARP conference.

Phebe Cramer Wins the 2021 Henry A. Murray Award

July 5, 2021 — ARP is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2021 Henry A. Murray Award is Phebe Cramer. Professor Cramer’s unparalleled and methodologically rigorous work on thematic apperceptive methods and developmental processes highlights personality dynamics and an elegant approach to balancing the tough and the tender in research on personality. We look forward to honoring Dr. Cramer and attending her invited Murray Award address at next year’s ARP meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan in June 2021!